ComponentKit excels at powering list views with complex content. It was built to power Facebook's News Feed on iOS.


  • Simple and Declarative: Just like React itself. Why React? sums up these benefits.
  • Scroll Performance: All layout is performed on a background thread, ensuring the main thread isn't tied up measuring text. 60FPS is a breeze even for deep, complex layouts like Facebook's News Feed.
  • View Recycling: By requiring all view configurations to be expressed declaratively, ComponentKit makes error-free view recycling automatic.
  • Composability: By encouraging heavy use of composition, it's possible to build UIs as complex as News Feed without any single component exceeding 300 lines of code.


  • Interfaces that aren't lists or tables aren't ideally suited to ComponentKit since it is optimized to work well with a UICollectionView.
  • ComponentKit is fully native and compiled. React Native offers an alternative based on JavaScriptCore and React, including features like instant reload with no recompilation.
  • ComponentKit is built on Objective-C++. There is no easy way to interoperate with Swift since Swift cannot bridge to C++. Experimental projects like Few.swift or Katana are exploring how React's concepts could be applied in Swift.