Never Subclass Components

Only subclass CKCompositeComponent. (If you need to perform advanced layout by overriding computeLayoutThatFits: you may subclass CKComponent directly, but this should be rare.)

  • Subclassing is difficult to reason about. There is no final keyword in Objective-C, so any method can be overridden in a subclass. It's impossible to read a superclass and know what is and isn't overridden somewhere.
  • Subclassing makes refactoring the superclass difficult. If the superclass is refactored to rename or remove a method, every subclass must be inspected to see if they were overriding the method. This is often skipped or forgotten, leading to silent bugs.

For example, imagine that we're adding a new "highlighted" card component. It should look just like a regular card component, but have a yellow background color. Don't do this:

@implementation HighlightedCardComponent : CardComponent
- (UIColor *)backgroundColor
// This breaks silently if the superclass method is renamed.
return [UIColor yellowColor];

Instead, make CardComponent take the color as a parameter and then subclass CKCompositeComponent to create your highlighted component:

@implementation HighlightedCardComponent : CKCompositeComponent
+ (instancetype)newWithArticle:(CKArticle *)article
return [super newWithComponent:
backgroundColor:[UIColor yellowColor]]];