CKComponentDebugController Class Reference

Inherits from NSObject
Declared in CKComponentDebugController.h


CKComponentDebugController exposes the functionality needed by the lldb helpers to control the debug behavior for components.

+ setDebugMode:

Setting the debug mode enables the injection of debug configuration into the component.

+ (void)setDebugMode:(BOOL)debugMode

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+ reflowComponents

Components are an immutable construct. Whenever we make changes to the parameters on which the components depended, the changes won’t be reflected in the component hierarchy until we explicitly cause a reflow/update. A reflow essentially rebuilds the component hierarchy and remounts on the attached view, if any.

+ (void)reflowComponents


This is automatically triggered when changing debug mode, to ensure that debug views are added or removed.

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+ registerReflowListener:

Registers an object that will be notified when +reflowComponents is called. The listener is weakly held and will be messaged on the main thread.

+ (void)registerReflowListener:(id<CKComponentDebugReflowListener>)listener

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